5 Ways Property Management Companies Can Enhance Brand Impact

In a 2018 survey, approximately 26% of property management companies indicated that growth was a challenge they faced. To help expand their portfolio, organizations can focus on improving brand recognition, credibility, and trust. By developing a recognizable brand, prospects deciding between your company and a competitor will have more reason to choose your company based on feelings of familiarity and trust.

Here are 5 Tips to Increase the Effectiveness of Your Brand


While this step might seem obvious to some, it’s an incredibly important first step that creates the foundation for effective brand recognition going forward. Branding refers to every front-facing element of your company. Branding is implemented everywhere from employees and events to business cards and social media.

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For branding choices to be effective there must be consistent across all platforms this included elements like colors, fonts, and images as well as words, slogans, and sentiments. When packaged together branding strives to elicit the same feeling whenever your company by those who encounter it. According to Demand Metric, consistently and uniformed brands are 3.5x more visible to customers in comparison to brands that are inconsistent.  By creating a repeated experience both customers and prospects will be able to associate the elements of your brand with your company on their own.


To improve your credibility, praises of your organization can’t solely come from your organization, you need to share the positive experience of your customers because that’s who your prospects trust. Ask happy owners and tenants to send in their experiences with your company, including examples of specific instances where your service was exceptional. From your submissions, choose testimonials that align with the brand your company is trying to portray, by straying too far from the decided value companies dilute the strength of their brand.


Social media allows customers to engage with your company and experience your brand in real-time. As your company shares materials online, your customers and potential customers are scrolling through their feeds noticing your posts, and evaluating whether they resonate which can strengthen their feelings about your company.

On your social platforms and website use photos and videos to give prospects a glimpse into your service and properties. According to a 2017 HubSpot survey, 54% of respondents said they wanted to see more video content from the brands with which they engage. As much as prospects trust the words of customers, videos and photos give them the ability to trust their own senses.

Awards and Certifications

Promptly display any certifications your company has received on your website to cement an additional layer of trust. These certifications and awards are effective adjacent capture forms and contact information encouraging viewers using the trust enabled by awards to further reach out and extend its inquiry to your company.

Not only does a focus on brand recognition enhance lead generation and sales over time, but it also can boost customer loyalty. Customer loyalty is a key element in customer retention, resulting in long term business with the same customers because they believe in your brand and trust your company to meet their service expectations.

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