Moving In: 8 Deep Cleaning Tips You Can Apply in Your New Home

Moving to a new home can be a cumbersome process. Nonetheless, it also means that you are close to being settled.

If you want to feel as comfortable as possible in your new house, you should take some time to deep clean it first. You can do it yourself or hire a professional home cleaner.

Either way, the following steps can help you deep clean your new abode before unpacking:

1.Start at the top

When deep cleaning your house, make sure that you start from the top down to the bottom. This tip applies to the home in general as well as to each room.

You should start in places on the top floors and in the deepest parts. That’s because they’re the ones that people won’t be crossing most often while they’re cleaning.

You want to start from the top because the dust and dirt accumulated on the ceiling, fans, and shelves will fall to the floor. If you’ve already cleaned the floors, it’s inevitably going to be dirty again.

Instead of wasting time and energy, having to clean it, starting from top to bottom is better.

2.Cabinets and closets

When you’re deep cleaning your house, remember to clean the inside of your cabinets and wardrobes as well. It can be easy to forget organizing and cleaning these areas, but you’ll be all the better if you had taken the time to clean them.

Since these are spaces that you use to store everything, it can be easy for the items to accumulate dust. Therefore, you want to take the time to clean out your cabinets and closets and organize them while you’re at it.

You should include every cabinet and closet in your house, from your kitchen and medicine cabinets to your linen closet and clothes closet. Don’t forget to clean the back of the cabinet and closet doors as well.


Before you start thoroughly cleaning your house, you have to do a few steps first.

At Maid Sailors Home Cleaning Services NYC, we believe that you can’t start a decent deep cleaning session without decluttering. Otherwise, your mess can hinder you from cleaning your house thoroughly.

Also, if you wait until you’re tending to pick up the mess as you go, it’s going to take a longer time than it should finish the task. That’s why you should start your deep cleaning session with a decluttering first.

It would be best if you took the time to organize your items and to throw away any things that you don’t want to keep anymore. Don’t forget to declutter the insides of your fridge and pantries and cabinets as well.

4.Use disinfecting products

While you’re deep cleaning, you might as well take the time to disinfect your home with disinfecting products. You have to apply these carefully in areas that you’re sure that people use the most often.

For example, the doors and cabinet handle. These places are most likely to host all sorts of germs and bacteria.

Aside from that, you also want to disinfect areas that you feel the previous tenants didn’t clean as much. For example, behind the toilet or under furniture and so on.

Since this is your first time moving in, you don’t guarantee the previous tenants’ hygiene habits. That’s why disinfecting is a needed step when moving to your new home.

5.Clean the walls

Dirty walls can make a home look more aged than it is. That’s why when you’re moving into your new home, you might want to clean your walls.

If you wish, you can also repaint it the same color or another color altogether.

However, cleaning the walls is the next best thing if you don’t want to do that. After you’ve swept away the dust and cobwebs, especially around the ceiling or behind furniture, you can start cleaning.

Use soap and warm water, and a soft cloth to clean your walls. If you want to, you can also use a combination of water and vinegar to help with getting rid of bacteria, mold, and any odor stuck to the walls.

6.Scrub and steam the floor

Your new floors can also use some tender, loving care, so this might be the best time to scrub and steam the floor.

Of course, you might want to do this last because if you’re cleaning the rest of the house while you do this, you’re going to make it dirty again.

Also, don’t forget to warn other people in the place to step away since you’re cleaning the floors.

After you’ve vacuumed and swept the floors, it’s time to scrub it. Once you finish washing the floors, you want to get that extra shine by steam cleaning it after.

7.Clean your appliances

You can’t forget to clean your appliances. Even if there is a recommendation of how often to clean these appliances, people probably do not follow the advice.

Plus, if you’re moving to a new home with devices that previous tenants already used, it’s best that you thoroughly clean these appliances too.

Your dishwasher, refrigerator, oven, microwave, and everything else need a proper cleaning before you should be comfortable to use it for yourself.

8.Clean as you unpack

When you’re slowly unpacking your items, you might as well clean them before you put them away. You can get away with not cleaning some items, but you should rewash things like cutleries and your dishes before using or storing them. You do this to be extra, safe, and hygienic.

Plus, when you’re unpacking, you shouldn’t take everything out of the boxes yet. Take the time to go through each box and place the items where they belong. That way, you aren’t creating a mess while you’re unpacking your things.

You don’t want to waste your efforts deep cleaning the house to make a mess again.

Deep cleaning your house before moving in allows you to settle in comfortably. It also ensures that your house is well-sanitized, which is crucial nowadays. If you’re relocating anytime soon, remember to apply the tips listed above so that a clean and fresh home can welcome you.