How to Pick the Best Floor Location for Your Beachfront Condo Investment?

When shopping for a condo to buy as a vacation home or investment property, there are many factors you need to consider. You must consider the preferences of potential renters when purchasing a condo to be rented. While most condos will rent out during prime season, you want to ensure that your rental income is maximized throughout the year. This means that you must consider floor selection when attracting “shoulder season” tenants who can choose from a broad range of available properties. I am a vacation rental property owner, used to own a high-rise condo management company on the beachfront, and now have the opportunity to sell condos and vacation homes along Florida’s Gulf Coast. Here are some tips that … Read the rest

What’s it like Owning Commercial Real Estate in Seattle

Commercial Real Estate

Owning your commercial property can be a stressful ordeal, no matter where you are. If you are thinking of obtaining a commercial property in the Seattle area, you need some knowledge of what to be on the lookout for. Some local experts can help you navigate your area and find your commercial property in this marvelous city.

The real estate trends in Seattle are affecting how people view the area. That’s because of the ever-changing trends in the housing market and the stagnation of the meridian price. Furthermore, most people opt to get their homes in nearby suburbs rather than staying within the city. For a potential investor, you should consider all these changes and factors before making any decisions. … Read the rest